Our Family Circle

I was recently challenged to ask God to give me a clear picture of what my family should look like. Looking back, I can’t really say that I’ve just straight up asked God for something like that before. It has looked more like me praying for wisdom and vision then setting goals for my family to accomplish. But this time, I just went with it - I asked God for a clear picture of what my family should look like and He answered...with a circle. My first thought....ok, not sure what that means, God. Then two explanations came to mind immediately that gave me perspective and I wanted to share.

So here are the two explanations:

1. No matter which direction the enemy approaches from and no matter which member of the family is attacked, the enemy will see the same seamless strength and defense because we are a family united in prayer and purpose who will not be distracted or tempted away.

2. No matter which member of our family others are talking to or spending time with, they will see the same love for Jesus and the same heart for others displayed. There will be no partiality or prejudice, only truth spoken in love.

I’m pumped about this picture of our family...seamless in our defense against the attacks of the enemy and synced up in the way we love God and those around us.

These are goals that I’m praying over and leading my family towards but we are definitely not there yet. The obvious reality is our family didn’t start together and the statistics say that our blended family is supposed to struggle to bond, adjust awkwardly, and have a hard time setting healthy boundaries. And honestly, all those things have been true at some point over the last 15 months. But our Savior says that He sees our pain, our frustrations and our desire to be whole. He sees the enemy trying to exhaust and distract us from accomplishing anything that would bring purpose and healing to us and others and He absolutely sees the enemy looking for a crack in our circle and every other family out there. The enemy is all about sneaking in and destroying anything that brings God glory. And if you are a family with a purpose, you have probably already experienced what I’m talking about.

But be encouraged because through it all, God assures us that somehow these struggles we face, the hurt we experience, are for our good and His glory. And based on the glimpses of the good and glory that I have already seen, I’m confident that the flaws and weaknesses that remain in our family’s circle here on earth will be made perfect one day in Heaven, in the very presence of God.